Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Versus ....

So how likely do you think England are to win their group this summer? Pretty likely? Even without Beckham playing? Are they really likely to win every game against Algeria, Slovenia and the USA?

And how likely are Germany to come second in their group? Will either Serbia, Ghana or Australia beat them?

Yes, this summer I will be paying very close attention
to the Football World Cup in South Africa. I love watching international football as much as anyone and a World Cup summer is usually something I look forward to a lot. After all I have not one but two teams to support (not counting my soft spot for the boys in blue). And if they end up playing each other, brilliant! Or even better, if they both get through to the finals and face each other at Soccer City on 11th July I couldn't wish or hope for better.

However, this year I have a slightly different reason for paying special attention to the group stages ....

Because on 26th June, at about 8.30pm (about half way through the speeches and just before we sit down to dinner) the first game of the knock-out stage will be played; the winner of group C versus the runner up of group D.

I think you see where I'm going with this.

There is a strong possibility that either one half our guests, or the other, or even all of our them, will be very distracted that evening.


All I can say is thank goodness there is no chance of Italy playing that day otherwise I don't think any of our vendors would even show up!


  1. I wish I knew! I doubt England will play too much football.

  2. I was in Italy a while ago when they were knocked out of either the Euro's or World Cup I can't really remember which. But it was like the country went into a period of mourning. Not sure how to help perhaps you have to just go with it and provide a radio so people can hear the match. I remember hearing about a wedding where they read out the football scores in the speeches.

  3. Eek! There was a big(ish - not this big) match on the day we got married. (Big family of Liverpool fans.) Luckily it didn't cause too much distraction (no tvs at the venue so no one could even think about taking a quick look) but my dad did mention the score in his speech!