Wednesday, 21 July 2010

It's overload

So many of our friends took really wonderful photos of our wedding which they've sent us on CDs or posted on Flickr and Facebook. Plus we have our fabulous, terrific, handsome and sweet photographer Peter's photos (almost a thousand!)

It's wonderful to relive all the special moments and see all these people's different points of view on the day (or rather weekend). It's also pretty overwhelming in such huge numbers. I feel a bit like Mama did when she looked at all our flowers in buckets the day before the wedding - how on earth do we arrange all of this into something manageable and pretty and worth looking at?

(she totally did of course - with the help of some pretty special flower faeries!)


  1. They look beautiful.
    I can't wait to see what the flower fairies came up with!

  2. SO pretty! What kind of flower is the light pink starfish-shaped one? It looks so cool.

  3. The flowers are beautiful. I find if you take a task that seems like overload, it works best by breaking that task down into smaller segments, maybe only look at so many pictures in a sitting as you look through them. just my thoughts.

  4. Such pretty flowers, Have a sweet day!

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