Monday, 30 March 2009

Why blog?

Why blog?

I’m not really sure – I’m particularly not sure I’m entitled to! The blogs I like best are those written by creative and/or artistic people. They are not just about the minutiae of their everyday lives but give the reader something different; either by sharing lovely pictures and design, witty or beautiful writing or an interesting or funny perspective on life. Those are talents I’m not sure I posses – a great appreciator of talent and beauty, yes, but not a purveyor.

However – I’m engaged (woo hoo!) and although I know this far from marks me out as different or original in Blogsville it’s a special time for me. And so I have two main reasons for keeping a diary of sorts during this period:

1) as record of the process to look back on after it is over, (never to be repeated!) hopefully with pleasure and the occasional hind-sighted smile

2) an engagement by it’s nature is a period of looking forward to something and I always regret those times when I have lived too much for the future and haven’t taken in the moment. Hopefully by keeping a diary, I’ll prompt myself to relish these moments as they happen
Who knows what is ahead - this might even help me keep from turning into Bridzilla! (or maybe it’ll have the reverse effect*). Welcome side-effects would be teaching myself to organise my thoughts and to keep my writing concise and clear. We can but dream ….

* A wee tickle of doubt I have about blogging is that I sometimes suspect diary keeping can make people more introverted and self-absorbed – hmmm....?

** hence the narcissi – although they have also just all come out in my garden and smell so divine! hooray for spring and being betrothed!!

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