Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Who? When? Why? Where? What? How?

Isn’t “who” the most important thing?
I met him, and his huge grin, in a sweaty club in East London nearly six years ago. Disreputable as that sounds (and we were both very worse for wear) next day we hung out in the early summer sunshine telling each other everything about anything. Turns out we had been set up – a very old friend had asked me to the club saying, with a cheeky wink, that he had lots of handsome friends who’d do for me! I laughed him off, but as it happens my boy was his housemate and now that old friend takes full credit for what followed.
At the start of that long hot party filled summer, my new boy said to me “we’re going to have so much fun together!” I’m not one to easily fall in love and have habitually kept a guard up but it was as if he assumed we’d make this work and always be together. He’s the most natural, unaffected, open person I have ever met and he believes everyone else is the same – it’s impossible not to drop your guard, forget all the rules, stop playing games and love him.
So that’s our “how we met” story - it may not put Mills and Boon out of business but it’s romantic to me and I feel lucky and loved!

We’ve not rushed anything (neither of us are rushers) but enjoyed each stage of our relationship until the next stage feels due. We moved in with friends four years ago and last year got our own lovely little garden flat just big enough for the two of us (and all his records!) I won’t say his asking me was a surprise as we have talked about marriage for years but the moment he proposed was. I’ll save that story for another time – this post is getting saccharine enough!

So when and where? In line with our ‘not rushing’ life theme, we’ve set the date for June 2010. This is partly because we want to get married in Italy and trying organise that from London in the space of five months seemed too much like hard work! We’d rather enjoy the process and not have a stressful time of it.

and Italy because – well, lots of reasons but mostly because my parents have a house there and it’s a place we have shared and loved and always imagined would be where we’d get married so we never really considered anything else.

[image author's own]
and Why? – LOVE! (see above)
What and how? that’s what this blog is all about I guess....

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