Thursday, 16 July 2009

Oh, only three hundred and sixy-five days to go ...

[Originally written 27th July 2009]

It's now officially less than a year until "the Big Day". I'm still veering between blase and mild panic.

N and I celebrated our minus one year anniversary by going out to dinner in Florence - we went to Zar Zar's near the Marcato Centrale and sat in the Piazza on their mismatched colourful chairs under twinkling fairy lights. I wish I had taken a picture but we were really just lapping a moment alone together. Apart from a few baking but tired hours on the morning we arrived, it is the only time we have had to ourselves. That's no complaint as it's been a great holiday so far - Mama & Papa, a little sister and various cousins are here. But the family fun might explain why we haven't yet got around to doing a little task we had lined up for this milestone...

A few months ago we heard a feature on Radio 4 about people who have written letters to themselves in the future. It was very moving; sometimes poignant and sometimes funny and it gave us the idea to write letters to each other and ourselves to be read at some point in the future. The first one will be written now, to be ready on our wedding day in one year's time. Once we've wed we'll do some more for further in the future - possibly 10 years although will I be able to wait that long!?

On another note though - how fit are fairy lights? Must definitely have them next year ....
[some of my favourite images via Style me Pretty]
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  1. What a hopelessly romantic idea!

    I love fairy lights, I want to buy solar powered ones to drape over our tent when we go camping.