Friday, 7 May 2010

We took a stroll yesterday, my husband-to-be and I, to our polling station via the laundrette and under the almond trees that grow in what we locals refer to as "dog poo alley" (so twee no?)

The trees are now a lot less blossomy than they were a week ago.

After a moments silence:

him: Hon, I was just thinking about the, um, er ...

(cue frown and a weird sort of sweeping/batting arm wave motion)

me: election?
chilled west london vibe?
laundrette ticket?

him: no! (a bit annoyed at future wife trying to guess the end of every sentence)

him: you know - the um, stuff you throw ... confetti!

me: confetti? what about it?

him: don't you think we could collect some of this blossom to use at our wedding?

me: it is very confetti like

him: and there is loads of it!

me: (a moments thought - mostly how untypical a groom he is) I'm not really sold on having dogshit scented confetti ... but I like you're thinking.

him: perhaps we should have a tree like this in our garden

me: yes. perhaps we should.

Then we made some democratic Xs and went to the pub.


  1. peonies collected rose petals for her wedding from the gardens nearby, I tried it but didnt use an oven to dry them and they weren't that great and you need TONS and TONS and TONs, it would seem. if you dont get roundto doing it, there are companies that sell natrual confetti, theres one in shropshire I keep looking at, and ebay has lots of rose petals too.
    he dog poo would remind you of home....;)

  2. So pretty, aren't boys lovely sometimes.

    I've dried lots of rose petals and they do tend to take on a rather lovely vintagy colour.

  3. What a lovely post. So nice that he's in that mindset.

    And most exciting of all... west London. I live there too!

  4. Aww least he is thinking of wedding related things!

  5. Thanks ladies.
    The mister is actually well into the whole wedding planning - thank god. I'd find it hard to sum up the enthusiasm alone!

    And wooho Claire - West is the Best! (despite the poop)