Wednesday, 8 April 2009

In Boy's words

I was planning to write an outline plan of action for the wedding day. Then Boy sent an email to his best friend from University who has moved away to Singapore and since he copied me in, and I love his enthusiasm and he pretty much hit the nail on the head -
I thought I’d use his words …
From: BOY
To: uni.mate@singapore; mate's.boyfriend@ singapore
Cc: bells @ nozze
Sent: Tuesday, 7 April, 2009 22:33:40
Subject: Fw: Italia shapes & japes!

So … we've pretty much planned and set out our whole Italian long wedding 'weekend' and it's going to be


we want people to come for as long as possible around the actual wedding day itself. And are getting loads of info and prices for cheap but fabulous nearby places - rooms in castles, pools, etc and pretty hilltop winery type things. All accommodation is within 15km of wedding and the house. and ideally we're looking at places where lots of friends can stay together as this is more fun for all. (i.e. local)
there are 2 local old wineries converted into accommodation / villas each sleeping up to 50peeps.

plan so far:
up to June 25th - lots of preparation etc. . ...

Friday June 25th 2010
hang out in day, hopefully with arriving friends - final prep - then having a party night before wedding (called a Polterabend) - german thing - will be fun.

Saturday June 26th - wedding in beautiful local church in Paese* / walk to aperitivo's at near by Rocca di Paese / little break to catch breath / then dinner, speeches, party at the house - booking Bob’s* band but this is hush hush to everyone - only you know (and Bob!) - huge dinner on 1 massive long table running along terrace between the big house and capanna, then Party / Band & DJ's (Bill* etc.) general dancing the night away - Then to the 'after-hours party' area away from the house but in the grounds - party until sun rises (we're preparing a separate party area so we can all carry on through - for kids and any party-head oldies. Think 'Cafe Del Mar meets a Disco in an Olive Grove' kind of thing!!

Sunday June 27th - pool side breakfast / hangover / more wine & limoncello? .

I'm enjoying just writing this stuff down!! Damn it's gonna be good!!

it will be amazing and you two must, must be there (for the whole weekend at least) - but why not make a few days of it?.

sweeet - can't wait to see you

love spring x

*I've changed names and places etc - I'm new the whole blogging thing and I'm not sure yet how anonymous I should be.
Anyway - aperitivo is the pre-dinner drinks reception and the Rocca is a big old fortress. Paese means village and is the teeny tiny place nearest to our house. The Capanna is a little stable at the bottom of our garden

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