Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Spring is sprung flower love

[images via 1st row l>r: Martha Stewart, Saipua Flowers, MS;
2nd row: Jose Villa on Snippet and Ink, Leigh Miller photography, Style me Pretty;
3rd row: MS, Meg Smith Photograp
hy, Saipua Flowers]

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm drawn more and more to the idea of wild or native flowers in unarranged arrangements. I love mix
ing herbs, leaves and lots of different blossoms, putting some of them in jam jars and hopefully have lots growing all around us too. I made the above collage on mydeco.com - love the site but it was a real pain and took ages for it to be rendered and then made available for me to copy. But, hooray! Peacock Feathers recommended Picassa which I shall be using from now on. Get ready for lots more random collages of things I like - I'm planning on revelling in the possibilities of anything and everything until the day comes when I will have to start knuckling down and making some final decisions (not for ages, surely?!)

So on that note - here's a another collage, nothing to do with the wedding but everything to do with Springtime and my happy smiley mood.

[all images my own from my folks' lovely garden]


  1. very pretty!

    I am definitely getting more and more drawn to the wildflower look too. I don't have the skill do the flowers myself, but I do want them to look like I've just picked them from the garden!

    (btw, bridalcanvas.com is also really good)

  2. I love the wildflower look so much. The bouquet in the top right picture is stunning