Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The gift of sight

I have returned from my back to back southern European holidays and am melting! What the hell is going on? I've gone from the cool of Barcelona's medieval streets and Tuscany's shady olive groves - to the unrelenting furnace of London.

I wrote a few blog entries while I was in Italy but being buried deep in the woods and hills our Internet connection is delicate and vulnerable to the slightest gust of wind or snuffling wild pig. Therefor none of them uploaded but I will post them retrospectively when I've caught up on stuff.

In the mean time a whole new world has been opened up for me by those magicians in Vision Express - yes, number one of my pre-wedding resolutions can be ticked off - I now wear contact lenses.


Suddenly the every-day details of Oxford Street are revealed in all their urban beauty - who knew?

And I had no idea that, as I walked through the office, people often look up and smile!
They must have thought I was such a grumpy bugger for ignoring them all these years!

I can now catch up on Wimbledon on BBC-HD - in really real high definition! (Go on Andy!)

I'll be able to see everyone's faces at my wedding next year without getting horrid red marks on the bridge of my nose.

And I can see how much all the little plants in their pots in my garden need watering even while I'm sitting here at the dining table - wow!

Better use my new found powers for good and give those thirsty herbs what they want ....

[centre point via flicker]

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  1. This post reminded me of when my aunt got glasses after years of being short sighted. She had never realised how much people make eye contact when they're walking down the street and it freaked her out so much she only wore the glasses for a couple of days before going back to being blissfully blind!

    Enjoy your new found powers!