Saturday, 6 June 2009

Invitation Inspiration

I have to admit I never really imagined having anything but a rather plain traditional invitation; landscape card with a centered simple serif font, maybe something similar to this:

[via dafont dot com]

possibly in a grey or pale blue and giving all the usual pieces of information. No graphic swirls, blousey pictures or cute phrases. I know the beauty of wedding stationary regularly comes up on blogs and some are entirely dedicated to the subject. That kind of thing never really appealled to me though, and often seemed dangerously close to cheesy. I thought the only way to prevent getting it slightly wrong would be to go traditional all the way.

N felt differently though. He liked t
he idea of something more homemade and personal and admitted to finding most of the traditional invitations we received a bit boring.
Hmm, how to make invitations that reflect who we are and our style but aren't naff!?

Well, 'homemade and local' seem increasingly to be the buzz words for our wedding day and we still have plenty of time so bring on the ideas ...!

[via touch of europe]

N suggested maybe something inspired by vintage postcards or film posters - we have quite a thing for vintage forgein film posters 'round our place.
Then after our trip to Italy, we thought of maybe having something drawn that was linked to the location. Littlest sister is the artistic one so we asked her whether she would consider dusting off her paint brushes for us - maybe an olive branch or some the thousands of poppies that spring up around the house at that time of year.
Then, while trawling through some wedding p0rn I noticed these invitations on Style Me Pretty and my heart went all of a flutter. I love their slightly whimisicle sketchy and very personal style. Look how sweet:

[via style me pretty]

Little sis was all on board and has started thinking up ideas. To explain what I had in mind a bit more clearly (sweet, whimsicle and sketchy sounds a little vague) I went to an illustration agency web site and collected a few examples.

[via eye candy - from l > r top row: sam wilson, rebecca bradley, karin akesson, rb
bottom row: rb, rb, style me pretty, ka]

Get the idea? Hmm - maybe it's still too much in my head - I'll keep you posted on what little sis, N and I come up with


  1. Can't wait to hear what you come up with. I know what you mean about the over the top naffness. Then again, I would love to make something a bit different. However, my creative thoughts do not quite match up to my ability.

  2. Lovely ideas and just what I can see you sending out... (From Big Mama G) xxx