Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder*

*and that includes you sunshine!

OK, so I took some unplanned leave from the world of web but I am back now and full of good blogging intentions! Promise!

But we haven't been slacking on the actual wedding organising at all - though an awful lot of it is logistical or official stuff which is maybe why I have been away from the blog for so long. I balked at trying to make signing forms and paying bills sound romantic or exciting.

Having said that - it suddenly does feel rather exciting. We did our Marriage Care course (obligatory but actually recommended); we've had several meetings with Father John from our parish church (he's nice); we filled in all kinds of paperwork and dug out everything that documented our past (birth, baptism, communion, 25m swimming); we met with a solicitor friend to sign our "Declaration of Freedom" (best pronounced in a Braveheart warble I think); we registered a wedding list (although choosing any gifts is as yet too daunting); we created a very homemade website (actually just a blog in disguise); we researched and contacted every hotel in a 10k radius for our guests; we been keeping track on a super spreadsheet all the messages from friends and family about who was arriving and when. And lots lots more stuff, and as we did these little tasks and chores the magical far off unreal feeling about getting married lessened and the real, practical, solid feeling increased - exciting in a whole new way!

And also ... a bit terrifying. Because it seems that with every task we complete another ten pop up in their place. And thrilled though I am about how many of our wonderful loved ones have booked their flights and hotels I'm getting not infrequent anxiety dreams about them all showing up and there being no food, or pissing rain/hail/snow (it could happen, even in Italy!) or the priest being really horrible (we haven't met the one in Italy yet - eek!) or a power-cut, or or or, I get a HUGE spot! (I have a huge spot - grr)

OK - deep breath - it'll be fine - we're in wine country and our friends are ace - surely a recipe for guaranteed fun., yes?

Yeah, most of the time I do take a deep breath, I read this post on APW, and I smile and look forward to hazy fragrant summer days. And dancing ... and dancing ... and dancing ... with my husband....

Shh, don't tell anyone, but we've been learning to dance - it is soooo much fun - yup, it's not all been paperwork and panic attacks; we've done loads of fun stuff too. More of that to come shortly.

photos via Lanalou and A Foxy Wedding (I think)


  1. Hi and welcome back! I was looking at your blog on my list of blogs and wondered how you were doing.

    Wedding planning can be such a bear - seems like you got a lot done though. My friend choreographed a dance for us and it was awesome. We also took salsa lessons and just had a lot of fun salsa-ing away.

  2. Yey, you are back!

    Glad you have made lots of progress too and the dance lessons sound great, I couldnt get mr to agree to that!

  3. Hello lovely. Glad to see your updated and that you are having lessons. Alex and I tried but gave up after one!! It all sounds very exciting. can't wait to see all the photos XX

  4. I'm not sure what happened there ;-) Never meant to say glad your updated! I am going mad. What I meant was glad to see your back (blogging) and gt to hear about the lessons. Oh dear I give up with my brain at the mo Xx

  5. Ha ha - love you Ems, and yes, it's good to back. Keep bumping into your hubby on the tube - would love to see you and Coco too sooon.
    Not really having lessons so much as poncing about in our living room - still very fun though.