Sunday, 21 February 2010

Hunting for Dresses part un

(also known as part urrrgh)

It's funny how often the second or third question people ask when hearing of your impending nuptials is "have you found the dress?"
I have to admit it stressed me out somewhat - I totally over thought the whole process of picking a dress and went searching for some deeply esoteric philosophy on the whole thing and just generally tied myself up in knots. Mostly this was because there was a really expensive dress that I really liked and that was just a bummer because I felt stupid about wanting to spend so much on a stupid dress.
But now that I have found a dress I know why people ask that question. Because now I have the dress I smile a sort of secret happy smile when people ask me - because I am picturing the day itself so much more clearly now. And because the dress I found is so much better than anything I could have hoped for. So I guess people ask because they hope to see you pull a happy face (or maybe it's because it's more obvious than asking "have you chosen your font for your place settings yet?".)
As you can maybe tell from the collage above and from my previous posts here, here and here I spent months collecting tons and tons of pictures of dresses from millions of different sights and scrolled through them more often than was healthy. It sometimes felt like deciding who was going to be rather than what I was going to wear. Silly - but also fun in it's own way.
Then eventually I started going to shops which was usually a bit overwhelming. I think it may have been mentioned on a few other blogs before but, damn it, wedding-shop assistants can be annoying as hell! It should be like one of those dressing room montages in a movie - try on some totally wrong but funny dresses, laugh and pose and then find the right one. But those bloody assistants are always there in your face, "helping", commenting, or even looking non-plussed (and in some cases suspicious) - none of which puts you very at ease in my opinion.

Nope - montages don't work in real life and I was finding the amount of brain space this choice was taking up stressful if not say distracting from the things that really matter. It was winter - I was endlessly ill. I was fed up. So I took a break and refused to even look at another dress.


  1. first: the title of this post has put bloc partys 'hunting for witches' in my head.
    second: I know exactly what you mean. because of what I wrote about for my dissertation I decided that I must have a dress made in eco/peace silks, something I found harder than I thought it would be to do, especially when standing in gorgeous dresses in a lovely shop. I;ve ended up compromising, (in a good way) I'm having the lovely dress from the dress shop made in an organic silk.
    Things I have learnt from this wedding? to research things before deciding that I simply must have that. some things arent worth tying yourself in that many knots. I've done it with the music too, and we just decided in the end not to do it. its not our thing, why spend money on it?

  2. Finally you've found your dress? Can't wait to see it!

    I'm still lookingo for to come to London for few months but it's so difficult to find a place!

    Take care!