Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Tres élégant...

My current obsession with stripes continues unchecked by having just seen beautiful Audrey Tautou in Coco Avant Chanel with little sis. We came out both quite determined to pout more from now on.

But back to the beautiful dresses that seem to be all I can think about at the moment (mild exaggeration, but just mild). I have totally fallen in love again! The superlative Style me Pretty offered up this beauty today and my knees really did go weak for a moment:

This isn't an actual real wedding but a photo shoot and the dress is supplied by a shop in Atlanta Georgia. Booo! Too far away and since video conferencing has been invented I have no excuse to go there. (more pouting!)

I did a little bit of detective work an
d I think it's this dress, Antibes from Cymbeline...

Although I think it looks nicer in the photo shoot. (I almost said 'in real life' there - tsk, dreaming again!)
But what have we here - another, if possible, more stunning dress from the same designer!! Too much heart fluttering for one day - I blame Coco for this fit of sartorial gluttony.

all pictures from Cymbeline website except the last one which is from Brides

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  1. that second dress is a dream.

  2. That dress is beautiful, if you haven't booked your dress shopping yet try Mirror Mirror, in Angel and Crouch End. they are very lovely and have a great range of dresses. I got mine there and can completely recommend them!

  3. Thanks. I keep hearing great things about Mirror Mirror - will have to see about booking an appointment ....

  4. I tried on the Antibes dress in Mirror Mirror (I wasn't so impressed with the place but maybe I was just unlucky?) and although the lace was truely beautiful was a bit disappointed with the dress itself. Looked nicest with an ivory band rather than black...


  5. you're right, that dress oes look far nicer in the photo shoot... O h the joy of stylists! just found you, nice blog :)