Thursday, 27 August 2009

T minus ten months

According to Brides Magazine, these are all the things I should have done by now ....

1) Meet priest and book church date and time
ok - done that. Good start

2) Book the reception venue
Nope. They still haven't sent their quote - grrr

3) Book caterer

4) Book DJ and/or band
Umm - sort of. We've mentioned it to our musical friends ....

5) Decide guest list

6) Decide on budget
err, mumble mumble

7) Book your photographer and videographer
Not even started

8) Make sure the church or wedding venue allows photography
What!?! Might they not? Ekkk!

9) Choose your attendants, best man and ushers
Yes! phew. Oh, has N asked his ushers yet???

10) Decide on your dress
You have to be kidding

11) Choose and order your attendants' outfits

12) Order your wedding cake
well, we're making it - does ordering from myself count?

13) Start looking at honeymoon options
just looking? yes looking we're doing a lot of ....

Should I be panicking? Sometimes I am. I call Mama and tell her I'm feeling a bit fussed and she says "ach, Bellchin, don't be fussed. It'll all be fine." So I believe her. Silly wedding mags - what do they know?!


  1. Definitely be soothed by mother. I find the magazines far too austere.

  2. this list is cuckoo! i didn't even start planning until 10 months, AND two of my very good friends both planned their weddings in four months. when there's a will, there's a way!

  3. Haha, your 10 and 11 responses made me laugh!
    10 months is a long time (I have that much longer too!) and really, what does Brides Magazine know about our lives?