Sunday, 30 August 2009

Twinkle Twinkle

[via Style me Pretty]

I just love little twinkling lights and pretty lanterns - if I had my way we'd have them all over the flat. N points out that they have a tendency to look a bit student bed-sit so - fortunately - he has curbed my over-enthusiasm (for now...)

[via snippet and ink]

However, since I've started saving pictures for wedding inspiration, the ones we both sigh over and give two thumbs up to are the ones featuring strings of lights and lanterns. There is something so happy, festive, magical about them. So we're in agreement that these will feature heavily at our wedding party - strings of fairy lights over the dinner tables and around the dance floor, lanterns hung in the trees and on the ground to light steps and paths.

[via snippet and ink]

N has started making prototype lanterns - so far they appear to be incredibly complicated feats of engineering. I have faith though ...

[wish I could remember where I got these - sorry!]

Now I can hear the drums and whistles echoing over west London - it's time for reggae beats, jerk chicken and probably a stinking hangover and sore limbs tomorrow - it's Carnival time - woo woo!

[a friend took this - can't remember who but it was definitely Nottinghill Carnival 2006]


  1. Yay for Carnival. Damn I was up in the Northern wastelands.

    I love the twinkly lights. The more the better. The key I am sure is the sheer volume of the lights!

  2. Did you have fun at the carnival? In all the years I have been living in London I have always been away for the August bank holiday!

  3. the Carnival? did you like it?
    Love the lights and lanterns too...They always create a fantastic cozy warm atmosphere!
    have a great weekend!

  4. It was fun if a little messy. Saw lots of old friends partying in a gypsy camp under the motorway and then danced the night away in smokey and noisy old dance hall. Just like old times!