Monday, 17 August 2009

Lazy Summer Weekend

What exactly happens on a weekend doing nothing much? Here's what I did...

Stayed in on the Friday night we had planned to go out dancing because N got home from work late, I wanted to cook risotto and read blogs and N wanted to play with his records in his geek room. And I was so happy!

Completed a certain artistic project I have been involved with for the last few weeks - I'm going to stay stum on this one for now; suffice to say it's a gift for my folks and the artistic skills are not my own.

Baked a really pretty yummy spiced apple cake with apples from folk's garden (I might post the recipe shortly because it turned out so well)

Had supper with our very good and very musical friends on their roof - it was at their wedding where N asked me to marry him* - We ate much of afor mentioned cake and danced in the warm sunny evening.

Nursed a hangover (left over cake helps a lot with hangovers!)

Tidied the garden; tending to the sweet peas and harvesting tomatoes and throwing away rather dead herbs. I'm ridiculously proud of the produce coming from the pots in my little patch of urban space.

Read lots and lots of weekend papers as well as the September issue of Vogue - almost as yummy as the cake.

Also read a lot of blogs - I mean I really really read them. I clicked on every link and comment. Now I'm feeling I'm a little over whelmed but I found some absolute stars. For example, couple of fellow Brit Brides Seven Weddings
and Our Day by Design and a couple just gorgeous reads Naturally Nina and Create.

*just realised I haven't yet told our engagement story properly. Hmmm ....


  1. Hey thanks for the mention, its lovely to find other brit brides, looking forward to following along!

    Loving the sweet peas too, I wanted to have some in my bouquet since my mum and granny had them but sadly think April will be too early for them!

  2. and they smell amazing! you could probably get some hot-house ones in April but they might not have any scent.

  3. Sounds heavenly. Love the vases and sweetpeas!

  4. It looks you had a great weekend! You had also the time to leave a comment on my last post about my tattoo!
    Thanks for your commenT!
    you have a very nice blog and I'll be back to check your new posts.

    have a nice weekend!